It’s rare indeed to go through childhood without suffering from at least one Verrucca. The fact is that people of all ages get Verrucas – or Verruca Warts as they are also known. It’s equally true to say that they can be annoyingly persistent.

It’s important that you should stop using any commercially available products to treat the Verrucas two weeks before your treatment begins. This will prevent your skin from becoming over sensitive and reduce the risk of a reaction.

The treatment can be somewhat uncomfortable. After treatment, the area will feel warm for a small while.

Your treatment shouldn’t take more than a 15-20 minutes unless a large area has been affected. If you need any follow-up treatments, they will be spaced at intervals of 8 weeks.

Aftercare will be discussed during the consultation and after each treatment.

Disclaimer: Before each treatment a medical questionnaire and consent form will need to be completed.  I cannot guarantee the results of treatments. These will differ on an individual basis, with likely effectiveness to be discussed during initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guarantee.


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