Lots of people have moles and most people don’t give much thought to them. They’re rarely large enough or prominent enough to seem unsightly, although it’s easy to become self-conscious if they’re on your face or anywhere else where they’re really visible.

The important thing is to keep an eye out for any changes. If a mole changes colour, turns crusty in appearance, begins to grow or becomes itchy, you should make an appointment with your doctor just to be on the safe side.

I will require a signed form from your doctor, which I will need before your treatment begins.

Normally, all my clients notice is a mild, warm stinging sensation which isn’t at all hard to put up with.

I can only remove one mole per treatment and a return visit may be needed after around 8 weeks, in order to top up the treatment. All of this is included in the cost.

After your treatment, a scab will form which you should leave to come away on its own. This may take several weeks.

Using the Electrolysis technique, the mole will be reduced in size and appear flatter against the skin. There will be no scarring from stitches, as there is no need for any. Instead, you should see nothing more than a faint mark in place of the mole.

I can’t, however, guarantee perfect results and some hyper-pigmentation may remain.

Aftercare will be discussed during the consultation and after each treatment.

Disclaimer: Before each treatment, a medical questionnaire and consent form will need to be completed.  I cannot guarantee the results of treatments. These will differ on an individual basis, with likely effectiveness to be discussed during the initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.


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